Life Stage Ministries at Holy Cross

While most of our mission and ministry work is inter-generational, we also have specific life stage ministries which can help you face life's challenges and grow deeper in your connection to God.  Find a group and connect with a community of imperfect people working through life.


Children's Ministry

Holy Cross provides a variety of programs for pre-school and elementary age children:

- Our community award-winning before/after school weekday Children's Center
- Our yearly week long Vacation Bible School
- Weekday Summer Camp for kindergarten and elementary age children





Kidz of the Kingdom

Holy Cross provides a vibrant learning environment for children ranging from one year to 5th grade. Each Sunday the program mixes singing, a daily lesson with games, arts/crafts or skits to help children learn of Jesus' tremendous love for them. We are currently using the Answers Bible Curriculum, which covers the entire Bible over several years. This program will teach the Christian faith and give children the ability to defend it, standing solidly on the Word of God in today’s world.

Classes are after our 9:30am worship service, meeting 10:45-11:45am. Everyone meets in the Good News Building, beginning with an opening in Room 1. The elementary grade levels include basic fundamentals of prayer, law & gospel, and historical backgrounds in their lessons. Parents are always welcome to come in and visit their child's classroom and to volunteer.

Jesus said, "Let the children come to me" and in that spirit we welcome all children whether members or not. Children are the future and there is no greater blessing than to teach them the love of Jesus Christ.

Download the registration and image release form to enroll your child (ren) in Sunday School. Forms will also be available in the classrooms.

Combined Registration and Release of Visual Image form in MSWord format
Combined Registration and Release of Visual Image form in PDF format

Middle School - 6th through 8th Grade

Sunday Bible Study - 10:45-11:45am
Join fellow Middle Schoolers and High Schoolers to talk about day to day issues – family, friends, fitting in & discovering who you are.  Find out how your faith affects these issues & helps you get through tough times.Come to class ready to learn what Christ has done for you and how we are freely justified through Him.

Confirmation Class - Sundays weekly 4-5:30pm
Head off to Confirmation class where you'll learn more about faith, in particular the Lutheran Church.  Each class has small group time where you talk with a few other youth & caring adults.



High School – 9th through 12th grade

Sunday Bible Study - 10:45-11:45am
We pick various topics to study & find out how they relate to you & your life. It's all about growing in your faith & relationship with Jesus, preparing you for life after high school. You're with other High Schoolers and Middle Schoolers, supporting each other & answering each other's questions.

Good Tidings Music Team - Practices Sundays & leads worship on the 1st Sunday of each month
Join other High Schoolers and College age youth in this music group that leads contemporary worship services twice a month during the school year. It doesn't matter how much musical talent you have, just your desire to praise the Lord.


Phaze4 - College+ Age Ministry

College is not only a time of fun and learning but also stress.  Finding a job upon graduation seems more and more challenging let alone establishing a career.  Holy Cross is blessed to provide an active group for sharing experiences, exploring faith topics and getting support to navigate this challenging period of life.

We meet in a home every Tuesday night at 7pm for a meal, Bible Study and fellowship.   Those away at college join when they're on break while local students and those recently graduated continue to meet.   Looking for a safe environment to discuss faith, God and spiritual life?  Come join us by contacting Marie Russell through the church office.

Good Tidings Worship Group - Practices Sundays & leads worship on the 1st Sunday of each month
Join other College age youth and High Schoolers in this music group that leads contemporary worship services twice a month during the school year.  It doesn't matter how much musical talent you have, just your desire to praise the Lord.

GEMS (God's Energized Mobilized Seniors)

The senior years are not just a time to compare medical challenges but a rich, rewarding time to live life, explore new things, and share your life lessons with all generations.

Our seniors currently have two Bible Studies - Monday mornings and Wednesday mornings both at 10:30am.  Each month may bring a new activity - lunches, topical presentations, or just plain spending time together.

The GEMS also head up our Nursing Home ministry which visits one Nursing Home each week to share songs and a word of encouragement to the residents.  Everyone is welcome to join us.  Check the church calendar for the next time and location or contact the church office if you'd like to participate.

Come celebrate the gift of years that God has given you by connecting with others at Holy Cross.  Contact Mary Ann Van Sicklen or Ele Anderson through the church office for more info.

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