Emergency Kit - Please provide by Oct 15th

2015-2016 School Year

Dear Parents and Guardians,

In the process of making sure your children are safe and well cared for under all circumstances we have been rethinking our emergency strategy here at Holy Cross Lutheran Children’s Center.  We ask that each child be provided with his/her own emergency kit from home.  This will insure that the food included is something the child will like and will also provide some emotional comfort for the child as well.

Attached you will find a list of items and the manner of packaging them that we would like to have.  It will be necessary to have one bag for each child.  Please bring your bags to the Children’s Center in a timely manner.

The bags will be stored in a tight-lidded container in a cool dry place.  We also have water storage arranged in case of emergency.

Please bring your bags to the Children’s Center by October 15th.  We thank you for your cooperation!


Cynthia Fehrenbach, Director


Emergency Kit Contents