Children's Center Board

President:  Donna Balistreri

The Board of Directors of the Children’s Center (CC) will consist of eight voting members, five of which are members of Holy Cross, and three of which are parents of children attending the CC (parent members). The five members from Holy Cross will be elected by the voters and the three parent members will be selected by the parents of children attending the CC. The chairman will be a member of Holy Cross and will be elected by the voters. The chairman will attend and be a voting member of the Church Council. The term of office of the board members elected by the voters will be two years; whereas the parent members will be selected for a one year term. The Board of Directors of the Children’s Center will:

a.    Be responsible for the establishment of policy and the administration of the Children’s Center.

b.    Oversee the operations of the Children’s Center. This will include staffing, performance against budget, and approval of non-routine expenditures.

c.     Establish policy in accord with Holy Cross congregational policy and federal and state laws.

d.     Ensure that the Children’s Center remains an integral part of the mission and ministry of the Holy Cross congregation.

e.    Submit a budget annually for CC operations to the Church Council.

f.     Develop a set of goals and annual objectives for CC operations

g.    Designate one member of the board as Treasurer for the Children’s Center. This person will have responsibility for  producing monthly financial statements, maintaining separate checking and saving accounts, and paying CC expenses promptly. This person will also have reporting responsibilities to the Holy Cross Treasurer, who will ensure that all financial responsibilities are correctly executed.

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