Joining Jesus Study Starts Sept 16th

Has Jesus been messing with you, too? Are you ready to move from mission statements to mission lifestyle? Are you ready to move from mission inspiration and programming to mission implementation and discipling? Then it's time to join Jesus on His mission.  The good news is that Jesus is already on the move in your community. He's already doing the heavy lifting of pursuing His Father's mission in the life of every person you meet.

We begin an eight-week study Sept 16th based on the book "Joining Jesus on His Mission" by Greg Finke.  Classes are held either Sunday morning after worship (around 10:45) or Tuesday evenings starting at 7pm.  Everyone is welcome.  This class will simply show you how to seek, recognize and respond to what Jesus is already up to... and then disciple others to do the same. Let your mission adventure with Jesus begin!